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Nano-around-the-world Directory

Click on each research group or company to access to a detailed description.
Country Research Group Company
Argentina Surface physics group, Nanoscience department, Centro atómico de Bariloche
Taiwan Nano Facility Center, National Chiao Tung University
Israel School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University KiloLambda
Nanophotonics group, Department of physics of complex systems, Weizmann institute of science Nano Retina
South Africa Advanced Materials Division, Mintek, Randburg Comar Chemicals
Slovenia Department for Nanostructured Materials, Jozef Stefan Institute Nanotool.c.o.o.
Cánada Structural Nanomechanics Lab at the Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada) Photon etc.
Switzerland The Functional Materials Laboratory (FML) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology/ETH, Zurich Arrayon
Italy The Micro and Nanostructured Materials Lab (NanoLab) at the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano (Italy) Organic Spintronics
Filand Computational Soft Matter Research Group at the department of applied physics of the Aalto University School of Science and Technology (Finland) Attension
Irán Institute for NanoScience and NanoTechnology at the Sharif University of Technology (Iran) ChitoTech
Belgium Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials. University of Mons-Hainaut (Belgium) TopChim
Brazil Semiconductor Nano-devices Laboratory (LabSem) at the CETUC/PUC in Rio de Janeiro Nanum
Cyprus Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the Cyprus University of Technology Rosseter Holdings Ltd
Australia The Desalination, Membrane and Nanotechnology Research Group at the University of South Australia Antaria
Russia Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials, Ufa State Aviation Technical University NanoCarbLab
India Centre for Research in Nanotechnology & Science (CRNTS) at the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay) AutoFibreCraft
Greece Laboratory for Thin Films – Nanosystems & Nanometrology at Aristotle University’s Physics Department in Thessaloniki Nanothinx
Turkey Nanobiotechnology Research Group at Yeditepe University Entekno
Thailand Nanoelectronics and MEMS Laboratory National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) Nano Materials Technology
Japan AIST Research Center for Advanced Carbon Materials Admatechs Company Limited
Taiwan TANIDA Inotera Memories, Inc
Turkey Nanobiotechnology Research GroUNAM. Bilkent Universityup Nano109
Puerto Rico Center for Advanced Nanoscale Materials Nano-Essentials
México Instituto de Fisica Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico ABN-Labs
Argentina Lab on Magnetic Properties of Materials Nanotek
Brazil Federal University of Parana CSEM
Chile Departamento Procesos Químicos, Biotecnológicos y Ambientales The Nanotechnology and Systems Biology Center (CN&BS) Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María C-TEC Ltda
India National Chemical Laboratory Micro Materials Ldt.