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Nanotechnology Research around the world. This week: Argentina | Nano Bugle

Nanotechnology Research around the world. This week: Argentina

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The Surface physics group of the Nanoscience department at the Centro Atómico Bariloche and Instituto Balseiro (Argentina)

Nanoscience activities at the Centro Atómico Bariloche and Instituto Balseiro are carried out by 27 researchers and more than 20 undergraduate and graduate students at the Physics Department. Projects on surface physics, optics, magnetism and electronics are currently being developed in different laboratories within the department.

The main objectives at the department are:
• Organize an internationally recognized focal point in Bariloche for the research and the technological development of nanoscale materials.
• Foster interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers in several areas of basic and applied science and engineering.
• Offer solid and high quality formation to undergraduate and graduate students through theoretical and experimental courses within the recently created Master in Physics degree and the existing doctorate program.
• Interact with industry, both for the resolution of specific problems as well as for the development of new technologies and devices.

The Centre is organized in the following areas of activities:
• Materials and nanostructuring,
• Nano-Magnetism
• Nano electronics & optics

The department has facilities for sample preparation, physical properties characterization, structure, atomic and electronic properties of surfaces, magnetic properties, electric transport properties, optical properties, cryogenics, etc

The surface physics group was founded 20 years ago by prof. R. Baragiola. At the beginning, the activities were centered in the study of fundamental processes related to the interaction of ions with solid surfaces. In the last 10 years, the scope has been expanded to study the interaction of photons and electrons with surfaces and to use the techniques derived from these interactions (electron and ion spectroscopies) and other local probes to study intrinsic properties of surfaces and solids. The research lines are guided by the following general goals:
• To prepare and characterize the topographic, the crystallographic and the electronic properties of solid surfaces and interfaces (metals, semiconductors and insulators), pure, alloys, covered with adsorbates, and films.
• To study physical and chemical processes taking place at surfaces such as adsorption, reaction, phase transformations and film growth.
• To use the techniques of surface analysis to study bulk properties of solids (E.G. Transition-Metal Perovskites).
• To study the fundamental aspects of the elastic and inelastic scattering of photons, electrons and ions at surfaces.

More information:
E.A. Sánchez
Surface physics group
Nanoscience department
Centro atómico de Bariloche

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